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Emmaus enables homeless people to rebuild their lives within a self-supporting Community. The residents of the Community, who are known as Companions, sign off primary benefits as soon as they join Emmaus and work full time in their Community’s social enterprise business.

The business is based on the recycling of unwanted furniture and other household goods, donated by local people, and resold in their second-hand stores. Work helps Companions to regain their dignity and self worth, improves their skills and increases their confidence.

The aim of each Community is to become self-supporting through this business enterprise within 5 years, no longer dependent on charitable funding, and indeed able to help others in need such as other Emmaus Communities and people in their local neighbourhood through donations and work projects – a process known within Emmaus as Solidarity.

Solidarity in itself helps to enhance the self-worth of Companions.
Welsh Government gives £500,000 to renovate our Community Home,
Nant Lais
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